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Sunday, September 28


TOPIC : Why do we say we're OVER when we're truly NOT?

hm...why nga ba? why do we say we're over when in fact we're not?

cguro...prang sort of defense mechanism un... or sumthin.. well, cge sbihin na ntin..guilty ako d2.. eheh

uhmmm maybe kse gusto natin i-convince sarili natin...or cge ako nlng...or sum1...w8 nga ulet.

we do that kse we want to convince ourselves na sooner or later we'll be over that someone...khit na sa totoo lng u feel miserable or sumthin. khit na mhirap..pra lng ma-ease ung pain. hehe. (tamang magpaka-plastic eh no?)

hehe aminado ding plastic ako eh.

bsta. pang-front lng to ung pgsabi ng "im over that STUPID person." may ksama pa yang adjective. hehe. tpos ssbhin mo..."wala nmn shang kwnta.." pro deep inside...miss mo na sha...lalala...

oh well... cguro nga pang-front lng or pra matuwa khit papano.

{khit na prang mas torture}

pro i think in time...msasabi mo rin na YOU ARE REALLY OVER SOMEONE... antay lng taio ng onti

[im sori...i know i did not make sense.]

Princess Jennabebe


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