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Monday, September 22


hmm. this isnt supposed to be my real blogspot entry for the whole time i haven't blogged but this is all i can type for now coz i've still got loads to do..

nwei..u may ask..what's up with the title?

well..besides the fact that i love stars..
i heard the simply red song "stars" awhile ago. classic ---sobra. that song dated back to my grade 2 days. i was holding back my NYAHAHAHAs in the fx coz i remembered MY grade 2 days..

would you believe i was part of the "little dancing feet" club when i was in grade 2? hehe. yea..it was a younger version of the dance troupe..i got involved with that club by mistake (coz i was supposed to be in the "singing angels" uhh, choir..)...

anyway..i remembered that we rehearsed for quite some time...we were dancing to that song...

day of the presentation:
and i...could have fallen from the stars....straight into your arms...i....i feel love...i hope u comprehend..
so..we had to dance ryt?

for some reason i did not know the steps..(maybe i didnt really give much attention during rehearsals.. hehe) and when we were dancing...(or should i say THEY [my clubmates]...) i had no idea what to do...

i imagined myself...trying to do something about me not doing anything right during the performance..

i must have looked damn stupid that time.

*i hope you comprehend...*

Princess Jenna


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