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Wednesday, August 27


yeah. my computer actually crashed. it was probably because of Kazaa. i think i got some virus coz of some files i downloaded from it. RARR.

i'm about to crash too. not crash crash, but crash. we're stressed out coz of school works. [eg. exams, papers, and more exams...] oh btw, i'm not at home ryt now, {special hello to my friends cheka, jimi, and kyla (a.k.a. tart), coz im with them ryt now..jimi hehe..good luck sa novio mo :) lol. KYLA oi tart, este kyla, invite mo nman kme minsan sa SOP. hehehe. :) cheka: thanks sa pc, internet at sa necklace, hehehehe Ü}

ayan. eto..mai pic kme :) showbiz...here we come :)

hmm...wla ko mshado motivation pra magblog ng matino ngyon eh.. ehe...i just missed blogging. (the thing is, wla lang ako msabi,,,) how weird.

i should actually be depressed right now...coz my computer crashed nga kse..and i hav around 400+ mp3s and who knows, maybe nwala na sila. huhu. i wanna cry. after 2 years of frequently downloading mp3s and all those shit from irc, kazaa and napster, they just get lost. waaah.

buiset kse. nagcrash.

ahh! i know. iba nman ibig sbihin ng crash dba.. it when u like sumone diba?

...kya IKAW.
yup, ikaw.


and if u crash me too, sign my guestbook. kse it's finally up. after 10 long years.

i miss myself. haha. i got no one to miss anyways.

adios :)

Princess Jenna :)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 11:37.