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Sunday, May 11


*** xoxox (xoxox@ has quit IRC (shit. i love u stil.)

*** arwen1111 (roar@ipdial-170-6.tri-isys.com) has quit IRC (byebye all! and tc and lovya,life will never be fair)

*** Fo`5 (~phatlunt@ has quit IRC (u claim too much shit)

*** malupet (i_am_lupz@203.375.25.497) has quit IRC (tanginang buhay to)

*** gRay_sky (abdky@ has quit IRC (i miss you honey.. *** ****** ********* **** **** my wife....)

*** priNce` (1202@ has quit IRC (cge princess ah...i have to talk to my real princess eh...see yah soon...)

*** |[3]| (``tr3s``@ has quit IRC (frustrated.)

*** mcSaV3|2s (~iamhappy4@ has quit IRC (( i dont care if i miss the shot... all that matters is i took that shot... ;c ) [lostKn036])

*** saMMieGrL (-sLiPsh0d-@ has quit IRC (Quit: shit cra mouse kooo.. dko mkita ibng chan.. brb)

*** sWit_mWah (~wasabi@ppp205.dyn240.pacific.net.ph) has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

*** xo_babe (xo_babe@ has quit IRC (Quit: grabe ang lag)

*** frustr8d (bwahaha@ has quit IRC (tangina, ang sket nman nun. isa pala akong fake princess. i knew it! i never was meant to be a princess! :( well, not ur princess anyway..)

thanks sa mga chatter na to :)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 17:58.