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Saturday, May 31

[my desire to blog: 30 May 03 : 23.20]

Broken pieces of me that i tried to pick up one by one..

is someone there? can you help me?

i need you to help me, but could you?


no..i dont think you can do a single thing to release me from this..

from what?

i dont know. now, i feel like no one could do that for me..

now as i continue on trying to find and

hopefully pick up all of me i've left behind in the past,


for whatever reason it may be, God knows.

what now?

i dont know! where will i go? what do i get?

and still, the same answer lands on my face.


yes, absolutely nothing. it's freaky -- almost haunts me.

how will i ever find my lost self?

will i ever find them?

am i gonna have a chance to be whole again?

WHOLE? whew, its so not me right now.

EMPTY.. that's what it is, most probably, i guess..

i'm as empty as... something.. well, empty.

i dont know if i'm still making sense.

i just want to put an end to all the existing thoughts in my head.

i wish it would be as easy as placing a period in a sentence..



now, tell me, do you happen to know where i left my broken pieces?



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 08:26.