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Saturday, May 3

i've never felt as empty as this before. not that i only feel soooooo damn numb, i dont know what im feeling too. labo! ok ulet...i mean,,prang i dont know what i want na. oh well.

last night, i stared at the stars. hay...its been a while since i had time for that. yeah, it sounds weird... hobby ---- staring at the stars? well, it may really sound weeeeiiiirrrd...but looking at the stars really soothes me. hay, prang there's nothing else u cud think of when u look up in the sky. sna ganun lng ang life. prang...ang peaceful. well..mejo peaceful na rin nman life ko ha? (uyyyyyyyyy manloloko ka tlga jenna) well....its jst my mind that occasionally brings the damage. (haha braindamaged) hay. lalng. i dont know if im making sense. i dont feel like writing.



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 14:07.