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Monday, May 12


hayy let's see....happiness? haha. i think ive never blogged about happy moments before...some person made me realize na its about time na i should be thankful about my life...although not everything's goin well...life's all about these ups and downs.. ryt? kya...thanks saio. i know u know hu u r... feeling ko nga..kaw lng bumabasa ng blogspot ko nowadays...haha. thanks. para saio to.. naks!

uhmmm... so... i really dont know where to start. as ive told u, its been a while since ive talkd of nice things. yep, the ONLY nice thing ive said here was about being a princess :) that made me smile... (well til now...i can be mababaw rin nman eh...) ayan... i think i shud start from that thing. haha..

MABABAW - jenna. would u believe that? yea, i hv to admit na mababaw lng akong tao. i cud laugh at ever-so-corny jokes, mga pacute lng...lalng..i cud laugh at these things easily. haha. examples? hmm...i think yan ang pinaka-suitable na ilagay dito.. kaso i cant think. my mind's sooo messed up. ehe.. cant talk about this mess...it would be pretty much out of the topic..ah i know.. maybe its about time i make a "what makes JENNA happy list"...

1. shmpre my family! haha..malamang..Ü
2. my friends...miss ko na kaio...haha. as if nman mababasa nio to!
3. hmm...my computer! haha...
4. uhmm my celfone! :) yey!
5. ummm tv!
6. mp3s ko...
7. going to school with at least a hundred bucks.. haha.. khit kuripot ang erpats. lolz
8. wen sum1 remembers me...pag mei ngtxt saken, email, 2mawag..
9. pag mai person na ngsasabi saken na evrything's gonna be ok, khit na ang gulo ng life...
10. hanging out sa mall with my frnds..
11. having lunch out with my uap frnds! yey!
12. talking to sumone late at night...kahit bihira ng meron...
13. uhmmm pag nakapasa ako sa quiz...
14. uhmm pag mai kausap akong sumone special.. :) naks..[khit wala akong sum1 special ngyon..eheh]
15. pag nag-aarcade ako wit mah frnds!
16. seeing my pet doggie...
17. watching disney princesses on disney channel..
18. my "desire" to be a princess...khit wannabe lng ako... ;p
19. sleeping...ehe...[khit na i barely hav sum of it lately]
20. singing! :) haha..wlang kokontra!
21. pag miss na ko ng ibang tao... (meron ba?)
22. hearing a good song sa radio. :)
23. talking to a missed friend :)
24. pag nkikipagkulitan ka with sum1.. (like ryt now, kausap ko c...haha ewan ko nlng kng malaman mo kng cno ka! eheh)
25. wen i learn sumthing new... [khit ano man un]
26. pag nlaman kong mai laman pa pala ung internet card dito yahooo chat galore!
27. new stuffs.. ;) khit pacute lng lolz...
28. pag naalala ako ng frnd ko..na matagal na ndi ko nakakausap...
29. i guess i shud say this...im glad to be alive... [/me sings feeling happy just to be here tonight...and happy just to be me...and be alive...:)

ayan. that's all i can think of ryt now...im pretty messed up ryt now... :)
these thoughts really made me smile.. :) khit onti :) lalng....i needed this. thanks pach or shud i say "prince"? [prince nga ba? haha] ehehe...lalng.. :)

hayy...ok....happiness...? well...its not always around...(for me, that is)... uhm..happiness...joy...hayy...well i think i shud try to be happy at times.. :) ..khit minsan lang! as in...

life = happiness?
life = suffering?

we'll never know! i guess the reason y we're living is to find it out.

try to keep smiling, dude.



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