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Wednesday, April 30


Dear me,
Hi. u know, im stil feelin empty up to now but nweiz, im glad i hav a new sumtin and ol. bt i stil feel a whole lot of emptiness. Hindi ko na sha love. actually la na nga ko nafifil eh. lamu un. haaay. ang weird no? well, mai times of longing pa rn, but i think they're inevitable --- as far as i know..

I cant wait for some excitement in my boring, ho-humm life.

Yup, i asked for some excitement in mah lyf. BUT NOT THIS KIND OF EXCITEMENT! i feel like im in a trap....sumwer i dont wanna be---wanting to get out bcoz of wats outsyd. bt i cant coz im in it, and its dangerous to even try to get out. THIS ISN'T LOVE,its DESPERATION! i wanna break it off. NOW.

...that was hard....



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 12:57.